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About Us

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PECM is a new education centre who provides core services for students, parents, teachers and schools in Myanmar. PECM is designed to support students with Dyslexia and specific learning difficulties such as ADHD, Dyscalculia and Visual Dyslexia.PECM is designed to support students with Autism, Dyslexia and specific learning difficulties such as ADHD, Dyscalculia and Visual Dyslexia.


PECM has trained staffed and equipped to provide the students with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties, using the Multilit Reading Tutor Program, developed by Professor Emeritus Kevin Wheldall of Macquarie University. This approach assures the highest possible results in the shortest time.


Research shows the most effective programs for dyslexia and low progress readers are delivered by teachers, who are founding and active members of the organisation.

education for students
with dyslexia & SpLD to
accomplish more

Students and young adults with Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties need a different type of approach than can generally be delivered in a busy and noisy classroom, if they are to achieve more..


What the experts say is that these students need is Explicit and Systematic Instruction In Phonological Awareness, Synthetic Phonics or Word Attack Skills, Accuracy & Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Our program directly addresses these critical areas, which are fundamental to reading success.


Phonological Awareness is an oral process and an ability to hear individual sounds or Phonemes. This leads onto an ability to orally blend sounds and combine to form words. This is a critical process as children who learn by remembering the sound of each letter is a flawed process because around grade 3, the texts required to read become more dense, pictures are removed and words become more complex.


Synthetic Phonics are the letter sounds, not the letter names which also become increasing complex as the readers encounter irregular words, which sometimes do not conform to the rules of phonics.


Accuracy and fluency are important because without these skills, the effort a reader expends is focused on decoding the word and encoding, which causes expressionless reading and a lack of understanding of whats been read.


Vocabulary and comprehension are also critical because students need to learn 200 sight words to access most texts. Our reading tutor program has components designed to test, teach, feedback before mastery of the level is gained.

We All See The World In Different Ways and Have Something Unique To Offer.

Vision and Mission

PECM’s Vision is to offer specialist tuition, assessments and therapeutic treatments for students and young adults in Myanmar with hidden, specific learning difficulties, to integrate into society as confident, independent and productive members of society, who fulfill their potential and become highly effective citizens on a local and global scale.


PECM’s Mission is to illuminate the darkness by shining light on specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia and creating awareness of the condition among learners, parents, teachers and schools; to develop the abilities of teachers to identify and intervene at an early stage and have the confidence to seek help, now that help is available.


It is our sincere endeavor to provide a groundbreaking service in Myanmar which gives students and parents the results they need in: a) Cambridge IGCSE, AS & A Level Tuition in Travel & Tourism, Business Studies, Thinking Skills and Economics, taught by a highly regarded international teacher who has consistently achieved the highest results for students in Myanmar b) Life Skills and appropriate curriculum's for children on the Autistic Spectrum, lead by a Cognitive Behaviour Specialist & Teacher, c) Clinical assessments and therapeutic treatments for Visual Dyslexia and Visual Processing Difficulties, which complement the Dyslexia tuition, d) Training & Professional Development for Teachers and Schools and e) a Consultative Process between schools, parents, students and teachers which culminates in an Individual Education Program for students with Specific Learning Difficulties.

These five unique, complementary services supports the diversity of learning needs of students and learners in Myanmar, which have previously been ignored, resulting in a negative social and economic impact for some parents who have students with unrecognised learning disorders. We know this from the high drop out rates inn government schools between primary and secondary schools and also in Internationals school at the end of Grades 9 and 10.


PECM recognizes diversity in all its forms while acknowledging the fact that all learners have strengths and values, which currently are being wasted. Despite the high investment parents are making in providing International Education and extra tuition, investments in education is still being wasted, because these learners have a different way of learning and their learning needs are not being identified early enough for them to realised their potential.


Undiagnosed Dyslexia and specific learning difficulties have a life long impact and society loses out when these individuals, whose creative, innovative, out of the box thinking are not given the same opportunities as others, because of their hidden learning difficulty.


PECM aims to close this gap through the use of qualified graduates who are trained in specialist teaching approaches; cutting edge technologies; scientifically valid, high effect size teaching materials; clinical therapies and the confidence and sustainable financial backing to create a legacy for Myanmar, in recognition of those who have suffered silently and not been afforded the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Meet Our Faculty

Srinivasa Rao Basina

Managing Director

Cornell Henderson

Founding Director, Academics & Operations

Gokul G Bhat

Founding Director, Corporate Services

Jay Pyae Phyo Naing

Life-Skills Teacher & Liaison Officer

Pwint Thit Tracey

Specialist Reading Tutor

Vijji Sowsan

Marketing Coordinator

Karen Jones

Visual Therapist